neel trimarans

my build experience

This was a major component of my Neel Trimaran experience.  The process consisted of weeks, actually months, of missed meetings, unanswered emails, broken promises, partially addressed "fixes", failed creative work arounds..........

The photos on this website are actual photos of my custom build at time of delivery and in the weeks/months following while corrections, repairs and punch list work was slowly taking place

Contract/Holdback/Retainer - A strong contract is important. Standard contracts always strongly in favor of the builder and assumes the builder will deliver what is promised when it is promised. The reality is a much more pro buyer contract is warranted.  Find yourself an experienced maritime attorney and get a tight contract with monetary penalties for delivery delay.

A good La Rochelle based maritime surveyor who will oversee the construction of your boat might be a very good idea

​Keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best