neel trimarans

my build experience

​Experienced Builder - don't let the claim fool you. using the the smallest amount of inexpensive materials and using labor that is under-supervised are not what you hope for with this claim

Experienced Racer - 
your boat will be built fast! and it will show!

Promises - Promises, promises! There will be many promises prior to sales contract execution. Unfortunately, the reality is many will be broken, forgotten about or emphatically be denied ever being made. Unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls and missed meetings are the post signing reality.

New Factory - 
congratulations! now turn on the lights so you can see what you are building

Quality Build - 
​the photos speak for themselves. Quality isn't the adjective that comes to mind.

Custom Build - 
custom build but lacking the resources or concern to properly execute

Quality Components - 
there are a few name brands that will be on the list. However, the components are only as good as their installation